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Latest Update Sept 2012!

The Arabic"dictionary project now has 10 000 entries

The alphabet - L'alphabet
great site for learners of Arabic who are struggling to type on an Arabic keyboard. takes account of different transliteration methods.
Also a search engine
Learn the Arabic Alphabet

a resource

Arabic alphabet practice
Arabic language keyboard
Perfect if you need to type a text in Arabic on any computer - at work, at your mother-in-law's, in a cybercafé - anywhere!
Arabic language online keyboard - clavier arabe en ligne
World Map in Arabic practice your alphabet skills

Arabic Dictionary Projects Projets de Dictionnaires de la langue Arabe

Arabic Dictionary project -now more than 10 000 entries (Sept 2012)

Basic vocabulary in Arabic (1000 words) in 6 languages
with English, French, Italian and Spanish and German equivalents

Thematic Wordlists - Listes de vocabulaire par thèmes

other vocabulary sites - autres sites pour le vocabulaire thematic wordlists
Arabic Word-a-Day
The Arabic Alternative Dictionary
all the words most dictionaries leave out - not for the easily offended
free vocabulary training software for Mac users

Grammar - Grammaire

Arabic Grammar
Sentence structure Nouns The Definite Article The Cases Verbs Derived Verb Forms Pronouns Adjectives The Masdar

a resource
find a language-learning partner with whom you can send e-mails, chat or skype
someone who wants to learn your language and help him/her learn yours

Introduction to Arabic grammar

Other sites for learning Arabic - Portail de sites pour apprendre l'arabe

Babel Arabic
Free WikiArabic course
Welcome to #Arabic -Doorto the Arab world
Welcome to the World of Arabic Lessons
Arabic Homepage- Lingnet
The Arabic Podclass
these are lessons in the form of podcasts with an emphasis on Moroccan Arabic le premier portail francophone du monde arabe
École des hiboux
Arabic Language Course
Langue Arabe
Learn Arabic for free
Arabic LanguagePodclass
The Arabic Circle at the University of Chicago podcast
Arabic Podnova experiment
The World of Arabic - Lessons

UNILANG's Arabic language resources
Arabic lessons in Russian
Learn Arabic

Arabic dialects - l'arabe dialectal

Compare Basic Vocabulary in MSA, Egyptian, Moroccan, Lebanese, Maltese, hebrew and French
Audio archives of Arabic dialects by region
from Heidelberg University


Learn lebanese
Introduction to Lebanese
Lebanese Arabic phrasebook


Compare Egyptian and MSA
Egyptian Arabic course through music
I have always used music as a fun way to learn languages, and this site is superbly done.
It systematically goes through the lyrics of songs line-by-line explaining how the Egyptian differs from standard Arabic.
Learn Egyptian
Cours d'arabe Egyptien multimedia course from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
EgyptianArabic Wikipedia article


Moroccan Arabic Wikipedia
Friends of Morocco - Learning moroccan Arabic
download an excellent free course! (194 pages)
Maroccan blog - advanced
Darija Word of the Day
Moroccan Language
Speak Morrocan Arabic
Moroccan Arabic dictionary
The Marocco Channel
Moroccan Vocab blog

Speak Moroccan
Morrocan Vocabulary blog

Levantine and Saudi Arabic courses for download


Gulf Arabic

Gulf Arabic


Algerian dictionary


If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, the Aratools and Al Mawrid dictionary apps are excellent! I highly recommend them.
Hans Wehr Online This has been the standard Arabic dictionary for decades, now searcheable in this online version!
Atlas electronic dictionaries
I bought this electronic dictionary in Damascus and am very happy with it. They have more complete models as well for a higher price.
a short dictionary with audio to listen to pronunciation! Al-Awwal English-Arabic dictionary
Arabic-French-English dictionary
    Dictionaries(Arabic-English,German, Turkish)
    WebstersOnline- Arabic
    Dictionnaire Françe;ais-arabe(Lexilogos)
    EN-Arabic dictionary online
    Legal dictionary
    German-English-Arabic On-line dictionary
    Arabic dictionary
    Dilap dictionary
    Webster's online Arabic-English dictionary
    Investment dictionary E-F-AR
    Diccionario Arabe-Espanol
    Dictionaries in African languages
    ECTACO Electronic Dictionary


        Into English
        From English

    also allows for inputting Arabic text using Western transliteration methods.

    Ayna search engine a portal with news and entertainment

    Arab Media - Les Médias dans les pays arabes

    learn Arabic by connecting to the mass media


    Television -Chaînes de télévision

    Arabic-language Television portal
    Dubai TV
    Infinity TV
    BBC Arabic Television
    scroll down to the link in the red box for live TV feed!
    Al Jazeera
    LBC TV
    Future TV Star Academy
    one of the most popular TV programs in the Arab world. A singing competition with viewers voting.
    Al-Arabiya News Channel
    Arabic CNN
    Syrian Television MTV Arabia monitors Middle-Eastern media and publishes videos with English subtitles.
    Exposes the sometimes unsavory side of the Arab world as seen on TV. a great source for daily news from the Middle East in translation.
    Unfortunately the translations are dubbed, not subtitled, but this is excellent journalistic coverage of news.

    Written Press - La Presse Ecrite

    ARABIC MUSIC -Musique Orientale

    Arabic Music translation learn popular Arabic through popular music
    Learn Egyptian Arabic through music
    DAM excellent Palestinian hiphop
    Lena Chamamyan a female jazz vocaist from Syria
    Rim Banna
    documentary on Arabic music
    Julia Boutros
    Ruby-Egyptian singer wikipedia article
    Areg - videos and songs
    The Arabic music page
    My Arab videosą
    Arabic music lyrics
    Arabic song lyrics
    Arabic music
    The Party from Damascus
    for a weekly podcast of the Top Fifteen Arabic Pop Songs, goto itpc://
    Music site

    Non-Governmental Organisations

    Amnesty International

    Greenpeace Lebanon

    Human Rights Watch Update and analysis of the linkages between environment, science, development and society in the Arab World

    Arab Forum for Envirpnment and Development

    Emirates Environmental Group

    Friends of the Earth - Middle East

    The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network

    Peace Now

    Palestinian-Israeli Peace Forum

    Wadi Arabah Project

    Jordanian Network for Environment-Friendly Facilities

    Good Neighbors Blog
    Blogging across bordres in the Middle East

    Arabic Institutes abroad

    In Paris
    Institut du Monde Arabe
    huge, esthetically beautiful secular institute for Arab culture

    In Brussels
    Centre Culturel Arabe


    Al-Kitab bookstore in US - bilingual books
    Children's books in Arabic free for reading online
    Arabic Grammar book

    United Nations Sites

    UN Arabic pages


    IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

    UNESCO Arabic

    UN Thesaurus

    UN language search

    UN Environment Program

    United Nations list of environmental NGO's in the Middle East
    looks like a great list, but don't these organisations have websites? UNEP
    United Nations Environmental Program